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Confidential Counselling in Plymouth or Listening. I am also a Skype Counsellor, that is therapy from your own home anywhere in the world. Skype and Telephone sessions or the Listening Service are excellent and convenient alternatives for individuals, couples and businesses. This service aims to be simple, effective and user friendly, I try to use language you will understand.

I work with individuals and couples on an open-ended basis with no time pressures, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully. I am experienced in helping clients who have difficulties with :

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety / Stress / Addictions
  • Bereavement / Depression / Abuse
  • Loneliness / Relationships / Bullying
  • Life Decisions / Sexual Issues

    Unless you want to hit the ground running and know how talking Therapy works, the first session is also a taster to see if you want to continue with me. As we are all different, you may feel you wish to see a different professional, this is only fair to you. I also reserve the right to end a session if I feel threatened, or I believe you need a different type of therapy. This is a very rare situation and I would inform you immediately. As a Skype Counsellor I would also follow the same procedure. I am not too far away from the busy towns of Saltash and Torpoint.

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    "I came to see Paul with anxiety issues. After about 6 sessions I started to take control of my anxiety. His approach to anxiety was refreshing and new to me. He showed me it is a bully we need to stand up too!!! He gave me the confidence to not be afraid. It was a strange relief in a way to approach anxiety as something not to be cured straight away, but to be managed. Slowly and surely, over the coming months, my anxiety became less of a problem. I now live a much fuller life" RS (Saltash).

    "I had issues in my life and I felt like the world was closing in on me. so many stresses and worries in my life. I came to Paul and he had a great therapy technique to help me arrange my worries and stresses, then deal with them one at a time. It was such a relief to have somebody to talk too and who is skilled in actually helping" JB (Cornwall)

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    "I do not know how therapy works but I feel a hell of a lot better. I came to Paul after a divorce, as I felt my wife leaving me would crush me. Just being heard, listened too, being able to express my anger and pain did the trick. I looked forward to my sessions every week because I knew he was not judging me but helped me get back on track.

    It was one of those moments when he helped me realise that I was responsible for my own happiness in many ways. I began to look at things differently, understanding that my wife had been unhappy, I had become so engrossed in my own needs it was a shock to stand back from it all and see it for what it was.

    Counselling has also made me a better listener and has enabled me to actually learn how to take care of someone a hell of a lot better. I now have a new girlfriend and I can see where I went wrong previously. " PT Skype

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    Within easy reach of Plymouth, Torpoint, Saltash, Devonport and East Cornwall. Worldwide contact with Skype or telephone counselling

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