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Offender Counselling #01

I have extensive knowledge of the Culture and Issues that blight many offenders and ex-offenders. I understand the limitations that can block Change in a person involved in this behaviour and culture. My style of Offender Counselling is aimed at raising awareness and Hope within the offender.

There is a Cycle many offenders and ex-offenders are trapped in. I understand what it takes to move away from this Misery. I have specific Counselling and Workshop methods that can help aid individuals who want to change their lives around. I have a Powerful Psychological Tool that can help those who stand at the crossroads, not knowing which way to turn. I also recommend the Listener Service for offenders, many people in this cycle are never really heard or understood. Just to have someone to listen, to be able to offer empathy towards those in a desperate situation makes a real difference. The majority of offenders and ex offenders have issues and life experiences that contribute to their behaviours. This is not fully understood or accepted by many people, it is a lack of understanding and Ignorance. As society has improved for many marginalised groups, the same needs to happen for those caught up in Offending Cultures.

Do you know a person trapped in an offending cycle? Do you know an ex-offender who you believe may benefit from Offender Counselling? Please get in touch with me even If you want to chat about my methods or what I have to offer.

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