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What is Counselling? #01

What Is Counselling?

Sometimes our usual sources of support, such as family or friends, are too close to us or can even be part of the problem. It may then be helpful to see a trained and experienced counsellor in a private and confidential setting where it is possible to talk freely. The counsellor will provide an opportunity to explore feelings, make sense of what is happening, gain greater self-awareness, look at the options available and both decide on the best course of action. The aim of counselling is to encourage people to find their own solutions. It is not about giving advice or instruction, however, the counsellor has specific learned tools to help you get back on track.

What is Counselling? #02

Will the Counsellor Judge me?

No... acceptance and respect for each individual is a vital part of counselling. It means that the person can be confident that they will not be judged and a relationship based on trust is able to develop. These attitudes form a huge part of the counsellors previous and on-going training. You will find most counsellors have had huge issues in their own lives, and bring this experience into helping others. I had counselling before I became a counsellor.

What is Counselling? #03

Why Am I Nervous about it?

I would expect you to be nervous before counselling. It is like anything else in life, new things can be scary. Sometimes, we can feel that we need a change in life, and that can also be scary. In my experience, the nerves generally melt away after 10 minutes of meeting me. We are trained to have your best interests at heart, that includes making you feel comfortable and at ease. Look, even counsellors can get nervous before the first session, we are only human. I generally think about my client before they arrive and hope they are at ease. I think they may have had a restless night maybe, thinking about how the first counselling session will go. So when you arrive here, I will understand your need to be at ease.

What Happens Next?

You make your appointment and arrive. I will welcome you then we will go into the counselling room. We will not be disturbed throughout and the counselling session is ultra private. The only person who can hear you is me. The first 10 minutes will usually be me talking about your confidentially and a few bits of admin. We will then explore why you have come to counselling and the first session usually will be about me getting as much information from you, about your life, and about your personality. Sometimes it may go differently in the first session, you may be in a mess and want to let it all out, that is also fine with me. Sessions will then be easier as you learn to trust me with your issues, and hopefully, you will start to feel a lot better.

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